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Makin’ a List

Today, with my 9 y/o and 1 y/o sick with fevers, I was wishing that I had some better DVDs around. We own plenty of movies, mostly gifts from relatives, but I would love to have some quality (perhaps even educational!) DVDs for the kids to watch on sick days. We gave up regular t.v. (one of the best decisions of our life!) so we are at the mercy of our own DVD stockpile.

Most of the time, the DVD cords are locked up. DH and I started to be disturbed by the seemingly infinite number of times our children could watch something. It seemed rather wrong that our 4 y/o could quote minor lines from 10 or more movies. Now, barring no privilege revocations, we bring the cords out for the weekend. In a fit of evil humor Sunday, I checked out from the library “The Anasazi: Lost Civilization” and “Wild Edible Plants” and announced that these were the only two choices during the grown-ups/baby’s Sunday nap. Ha! Try quoting from these!!

Anyway, what are some DVDs that you really like and don’t mind being watched over and over, and perhaps even teach your children something good? Add them to the comments, and I’ll post them later in a complete list.

Oh, and to those who caught it, yes, I will have to start over with the baby. Rats! She is almost never sick, so she would get sick on the fourth night of our nighttime weaning! There was no way I was going to enforce it during her illness. *sigh*

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