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Some really great music

For years, my friends have had to listen to me complain about contemporary Christian music. Much of the time, it’s SO CHEESY. I can’t stand about 95% of it. This gets me some raised eyebrowns from time to time, as if to say “Is she really a Christian? How can she say that?”

But, really, have you listened to it closely? Why do Christians have to dumb down our music? To hear singers re-create a Brittney Spears sound and somehow “sanctify” it by the lyrics just doesn’t work for me. Quality and beauty should be a major goal of any artist, and as Christians, we should never forget it.

Last year, a musician, Nathan Clark George, appeared in town for a couple of small church concerts and I bought a few CDs. I loved his music. He categorizes himself as an acoustic/folk artist. The thing I love about his music is that it is real. He writes about all of life from a Christian worldview and let’s it be that. He doesn’t try for a “Christian” song…they just are because that is who he is.

The guitar, mandolin, violin, fiddle, and cello playing on his Slam the Door CD are phenomenal. My favorite song is “Feels so Foreign.” Besides the soulful violin playing, I like how the lyrics are an honest struggle with Scripture. He knows that the Word is true but the thought of not being married still to his wife in heaven makes heaven “feel so foreign” to him. I love the authenticity.

Check out his website and listen to a few of his songs. You can also listen and rate one of his Scripture songs on the indieheaven site. If you’re like me and cringe from Christian radio , or even if you love Christian radio but appreciate an acoustic/folk sound, you won’t be disappointed.


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