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S*x, vaccines, and consequences

NOTE: S*x is spelled such to reduce unwanted traffic.

Merck has certainly been busy in Texas. Why wouldn’t they? When they stand to make $360/shot for a three shot series on all Texas girls entering the 6th grade, I imagine they are now rejoicing over the precedence Texas has established in requiring this vaccination.

Our governor, Rick Perry, has generally been known to be a pro-life, family values centered politician. I wonder what on earth compelled him Friday, a convenient day for any hot-button issue, to release an executive order requiring the vaccine. This means that he has by-passed the legislature and the order cannot be reversed unless he or a subsequent governor chooses to do so. (I think this law was passed down from the Medes and Persians…)

What is this vaccine that has me so outraged? Merck and Perry seem to believe that girls (and boys) have no control over their s*xual impulses and if we do not vaccinate our children for the s*xually-transmitted disease called human papilloma virus, or HPV, Texas will single-handedly be responsible for any cases that develop. HPV, by the way, is responsible for causing cervical cancer, an undeniably horrible disease. The vaccine is called Gardasil, and will now be a requirement beginning in September 2008.

I guess that Gov. Perry did not want to chance placing this topic before the Texas legislature, which would certainly be influenced by parents and concerned citizens who actually believe that our children CAN be taught right from wrong, CAN intelligibly understand that there are dire consequences to our actions, and WILL be influenced by the “well, they are going to do it anyway…” kind of thinking.

I am not faulting Gov. Perry for his earnest desire to prevent this dreadful disease, but it is yet one more step towards Gomorrah. Why do we possibly want to make it easier to put our girls at risk for even more s*xually transmitted diseases, emotional abuse, pregnancy, and all of the complicated, life-affecting factors that accompany early s*xual activity? Why not spend the money educating parents about the consequences of s*xual activity in their children? Smoking and drug abuse campaigns have actually learned that children do listen and heed their parents when they actually speak frankly together. This may make parents more uncomfortable and force a little conversation between parent and child, but that would certainly prove beneficial to everyone.

Since I believe that people can actually be influenced by information and education, I intend to register my comments with Gov. Perry. I urge you to do the same. He can be reached at


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Hope for Unborn Babies, Marriage, and the Like

Upon seeing the election results this morning, I was tempted to run out the door screaming, “God have mercy on us all!” Being that I was in my jammies and I hadn’t had my cup of coffee yet, I refrained.

The neighbors won’t fear having to run inside and lock their doors (this time). My sister-in-law just told me things are not so bleak as they might appear. Many socially liberal Republicans lost and, the happy reverse, many socially conservative Democrats won. I am much calmer now but I still think that I will quietly repeat “God have mercy on us all” anyway. I have a feeling I should have been doing this all along.


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