Does anyone know how…

…to get that little barbed-wire picture off of my page?  I am looking everywhere and can’t find the way to do it.   Another question…if I want to change the name of my blog, do I have to create a new one?  I reallyyyyy hope not…that would be a procrastinator’s nightmare!


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9 responses to “Does anyone know how…

  1. I changed mine. No, you don’t lose anything… So, have you come up with a new name?

  2. go to your dashboard. In the left hand column go down to “settings.” In the “general” window you will find the place to give your blog a title (and change it). You can add a description there as well…

  3. OK, thanks! I finally changed the time…and no, still no name yet. It will come! Strange, though, I changed my blog pic, and it registers on the settings page, but that blasted barbwire pic is still there. Agh!!

  4. dpc+

    all I can think of is that you’ve put that picture there as some kind of widget or text… look at where you’ve stored all the items in that right hand column. The top one (?) should be the “place holder” for that photo. and you should be able to change or delete it from the column control.

  5. glad i could be of assistance.
    ok, your turn: how’d you get your little picture with you and Abigail to be in my url window?

  6. i figured it out…

  7. Jill, if you want to change the URL/name of your blog, yes, you have to register a new one. But, if you just want to change the title at the top, go into your dashboard, click on settings on the far lefthand column, at the bottom. Click on “general.” That should produce a page that has “blog title” at the top. Make sure you scroll down and click “save changes” before you exit the page.

  8. Just noticed you on Karen’s blogroll (above). 🙂 Nice to “meet” you. Funny that you are asking about changing your name because I just did that too! Looks like you got the answers you needed though.

    I ended up changing the title AND starting a new blog with a new address. Sigh, I should have thought ahead. Good luck and happy blogging.

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