Little by little…

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  That phrase is wrong for a number of reasons, but  for now I am simply going to apply it to my blog.  All of this (imagine the grand sweep of the hand) is so stale feeling, so old and outdated.    I no longer live on the border (new name anyone? anyone?  And no!  I will not be called Sugarmama [I now live in a city named after a sugar factory].)  My booklist is way outdated, dittos on the movies, blogroll needs culling/augmenting, etc., etc.  Even my categories no longer seem to match my life.

This reminds me of when I was younger.  Many writers were (and are) diary afficionados…I was not.  I would fall in love with a beautiful, empty, fabric covered journal, or even get my hands on the coveted diary with a tiny key, but a month later or two I would go back to the beginning and cringe.  My words were so stale and my entries were so dreadfully shallow.  Granted, I was a teenager, but still…gag.  I usually ripped the pages to tiny pieces – not because of some deep, dark confession I didn’t want revealed, but because I just couldn’t endure the thought of someone stumbling upon it and thinking that that was…well, all.  Thankfully, I don’t feel that way about my past entries, but my site is in need of some housekeeping.

I think I will begin my first change by posting a picture of my new backyard, since one of my last entries was about backyards.  You will see that part of moving to the city required that I sacrifice some of my ideals on how a backyard should look or be sized, but I have a real fondness for our little piece of green out back.  It is a wonderful place to drink coffee, and I even have a little garden hiding behind my garage.  It’s just right for me at this phase in my life. 

my new backyard

my new backyard

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