Thanksgiving, Toddler Style

Whoever said that children are never grateful?

My just-turned-two year old always wants to pray after everyone else at dinner. Usually she repeats what has just been said, a litany of thanks for everyone around the table. “Dear God, Tank oo Jesus, tank oo bubba, tank oo mama, tank oo dada…” But tonight, she gave us evidence that she has caught on to thanking Him from whom all blessings flow:

“Tank oo milkies!”

Lest anyone think she was just naming the contents of a glass before her, think again. Milkies is her word for mama’s milk, not to be had from a glass.


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6 responses to “Thanksgiving, Toddler Style

  1. Nita

    I love the prayers of children!

  2. I love the prayers of children too. I love the writing of the BorderMama as well!!!! Write more, Border Mama, write more please!!!!
    a well wishing fan ;–)

  3. Hey, girl. Did you move? (Literally? I think you were planning on moving, right?)

  4. Kelly

    Hi Jill,

    Where are you? I came over here to check on you and it looks like you have moved on. All’s great in Gainesville. Fill me in on your happenings.
    Love, Kelly

  5. Hey… wish you were still blogging. It’s been a year since we’ve heard from you, so in doing some blog-tidying, I’m removing my link to this blog. 😦 However, if you start blogging again, PLEASE give me a holler.

    I hope all is well with your family.

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