Wanting your Math Reviews

It’s that time of year again…time to assess my homeschooling program and make changes.

We have used Math-u-see, Saxon, and Singapore Math. We are beginning to sound like “math hoppers” but I don’t think I’ve been crazy about a single program. I like the clear explanations of Saxon, but find it a bit overwhelming for the average math student. Singapore has been ‘nice,’ but that’s about it. Math-u-see was fun for awhile but the manipulatives got ‘old.’ I must admit I prefer programs that tend toward independent learning and have just learned about Developmental Math. The descriptions sound like it is a self-paced, straightforward program that is heavy on deductive reasoning.

Has anyone used Developmental Math? I’d love to know what you think!


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6 responses to “Wanting your Math Reviews

  1. Nita

    We use Miquon Math – but it only goes through 3rd grade so I’ll be math shopping next year – please post your findings!!


  2. Hmmmm…since Developmental Math didn’t even appear on the list should I worry?

  3. Nita


    No Spelling isn’t on the list either. I had to do a word search to find Spell to Write and Read a well used program! If I see anything about it (the math) at the conference I’ll let you know!

  4. cellista

    We’re using Developmental Math Level 4 right now. We switched from Saxon which I know is a good solid program, but the spiral approach and endless repetition was driving us both nuts. Dev. Math is more of a mastery approach. You learn a new thing and practice it tons right then and there, not mixed in with 9 different kinds of problems. A can work pretty independently, occasionally I have to provide more instruction. We’ve started skipping pages when he no longer needs practice and I think we’ll get Levels 5 and 6 and go a little bit faster after this. For what it’s worth, I really like the program. It’s also fairly cheap, so you can try it out easily.

  5. Just curious about what you didn’t like with Singapore.

    For my oldest, he did Miquon, then switched we switched to Singapore this year (for 4th grade). It’s worked out *really* well. Singapore is supposedly a year ahead of “regular” math, but he transitioned to 4th grade Singapore from Miquon with no problem. For my middle boy, we did Miquon last year, for his 1st grade, but I switched him to Singapore this year, too.

    BTW, when starting our homeschooling efforts, we tried Making Math Meaningful, which I hated. It’s too ethereal for me — “take this idea and spread it out over the week.”

    For my own kids, I don’t think the one-subject-mastery approach would work very well. They need at least some review (which Singapore provides) to keep the ideas fresh in their minds.

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