Wow, this is so much better!

Our family is notoriously slow to acquire the latest technology. It took us YEARS to buy a CD player and we stubbornly held onto our VCR tapes until the movie stores removed that option. It is not that we don’t like change, but I think there is a surprisingly thrifty streak in us. Why throw out perfectly good cassette tapes, or buy repeats of movies we already own? My home phone was perfectly capable of handling calls and my answering machine never failed to take a message, why pay for a cell phone?

Eventually, even techno-grumblers have to give in. We finally succumbed to cell phones and I’ll admit it…I love it. The ultimate in convenience. But that doesn’t mean I have to like paying the bill, though.

That is why I was thrilled when our cable company offered us digital internet at the same price as our old dial-up. Ha! It paid to hold out! I can hear my family rejoice now (“Yea, no more busy signals!”) And, really, this is so much better. I feel so efficient now…I can listen to great music for free, watch videos, catch up on you-tube wonders, and best of all blog in half the time!

At installation, the cable tech could not believe that I was still using a Windows 98 computer. “What?? But we just bought this in, what was it now? 2000? Wasn’t that just yesterday? It cost a whole bunch…. ” Grumble, grumble. I know I’ll have to give again soon. I currently can’t hook up my printer and my mouse at the same time. And I’m getting a little tired of reaching around the dusty box in the dark, stabbing at little holes that are almost out of reach, knowing if I pull the box out just a little too much…POOF…there goes the power cord. Gee whiz…what I’ll do to save a buck.


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5 responses to “Wow, this is so much better!

  1. jeanne

    What? You have cable???

  2. Yeah, we’re dial-up too. I feel your pain. Or your ex-pain. 🙂 So happy for you, and I’m encouraged by your story. Didn’t know anyone had cable so cheap. I’ll continue to wait myself, and maybe we’ll hit on a deal.

    Enjoy your new toy! And, about that Windows 98—we use 2000, finding XP a pain. Upgrades aren’t always what we wish they were, you know?!??

  3. Actually, just a computer line. That’s all. Until recently our local cable co. wouldn’t let you get just a cable line.

  4. I experienced the joys of DSL for three months, and then we moved to the desert. Now I’m back to Dial up, because I can’t see paying $75/month for broadband, and there isn’t anything else available in my area. Whoa is me. Have fun with your videos and such.

  5. Jen

    Remember the conversation I had with your hubby several years back about cordless phones? He was so thrilled with your new purchase, and asked me “Do you have one?” Too funny.

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