Some really great music

For years, my friends have had to listen to me complain about contemporary Christian music. Much of the time, it’s SO CHEESY. I can’t stand about 95% of it. This gets me some raised eyebrowns from time to time, as if to say “Is she really a Christian? How can she say that?”

But, really, have you listened to it closely? Why do Christians have to dumb down our music? To hear singers re-create a Brittney Spears sound and somehow “sanctify” it by the lyrics just doesn’t work for me. Quality and beauty should be a major goal of any artist, and as Christians, we should never forget it.

Last year, a musician, Nathan Clark George, appeared in town for a couple of small church concerts and I bought a few CDs. I loved his music. He categorizes himself as an acoustic/folk artist. The thing I love about his music is that it is real. He writes about all of life from a Christian worldview and let’s it be that. He doesn’t try for a “Christian” song…they just are because that is who he is.

The guitar, mandolin, violin, fiddle, and cello playing on his Slam the Door CD are phenomenal. My favorite song is “Feels so Foreign.” Besides the soulful violin playing, I like how the lyrics are an honest struggle with Scripture. He knows that the Word is true but the thought of not being married still to his wife in heaven makes heaven “feel so foreign” to him. I love the authenticity.

Check out his website and listen to a few of his songs. You can also listen and rate one of his Scripture songs on the indieheaven site. If you’re like me and cringe from Christian radio , or even if you love Christian radio but appreciate an acoustic/folk sound, you won’t be disappointed.


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6 responses to “Some really great music

  1. We just enjoyed this over our lunch. He reminds me of Chris Rice crossed with Nickel Creek. If you haven’t heard Chris Rice, I think you’d really like him. “Deep Enough to Dream” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Here’s a 30 second sample from Amazon:

  2. aunt sissies

    I happen to love contempory Christian music! I say if “dumbing it down” draws listeners (that normally wouldn’t listen) then so be it!
    I will also be checking out Nathan Clark George and Chris Rice now! Thanks :O)

  3. aunt sissies

    After thinking about my comment earlier I had one more thing to throw out…it’s not about the “music” it’s about the words, they all glorify God so how dumb is that?

  4. Terri Ransom

    Hi Jill,

    Have you tried Sara Groves? You might like her music. I have all her albums and I really enjoy them. I tend to listen to her more than any other Christian artist. Also, Ginny Owens is quite good and Fernando Ortega. I really enjoy Jennifer Knapp also, but her music has more of an alternative rock flavor. Hope you’re doing well. Say hi to your family for me.

  5. I like Sara Groves, too.

    I am NOT for dumbing down Christian music. It just, in the end, gives non-Christians one more reason to mock things bearing the name of Christ. If we’re going to promote Jesus (and we should), I say, let it be done with excellence in craft, in lyric, and in musicianship. For instance, I’m not a Steven Curtis Chapman fan (at all), but at least he has some excellence in what he does, and he has no need to be ashamed or embarrassed over what he puts his efforts towards. Some of the Christian music out there is just awful. It’s poorly produced, poorly executed, and just should never have been recorded. It gives Jesus a bad name, and makes our “art” a mockery.

    If it’s just about the words, then let them write a book! (And make it a GOOD book, well-edited, written with thought and sound grammar, no cliche namby-pamby junk.) If it’s just about the words, how about handing out a Bible?? (How about New Living Translation — very readable, very accurate, poetically translated. Love it.)

    The fact is, it’s MUSIC. And if it’s Christian, it should be GOOD music. Jesus deserves our BEST.

    In my not-so-humble opinion. 8)

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