Meanwhile, only a month later…

…I finally got my Christmas boxes put away. When my hubbie came home he almost tripped because he was trying to step over the now non-existent boxes that his body has been trained to manuever around ever since I optimistically had them out since Epiphany. That man must really love me. Or is very blind. Seeing as he is a pilot for a living, I think it is the former.

Here is a great idea for those of us who have a thing or two not yet crossed off on our January to-do or honey-do lists.   So cute…I love her attitude.  I would have followed her example but somehow the hearts stuck to my boxes would not have had the same effect.

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  1. Nita

    Ok I admit it . . . I was feeling a little smug . . . why MY boxes have been put away for weeks and weeks . . . when I went into my bedroom to put away some laundry and stubbed my toe (for the 9,000 time) on a suitcase and not just any suitcase. The very same one used by the entire family on our trip home for Christmas. Yes the very one, left on the bedroom floor so long it has actually become an additional dresser – with it’s lid flung open blocking the bottom drawer on our original dresser. Left so long that it has become a of treasure chest of sorts, an answer to cries of mom where is my . . . , a place to set clean laundry that just might not have a home, location of that unmatched sock . . . sigh. Oh yes, I must admit I was feeling a little smug.

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