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Hiding Tears

I wonder what it is that makes a boy begin to want to hide his tears. What changed from last year when he cried unselfconsciously like any other small child, to now, when he doesn’t want anyone to know, save maybe his mom, that he’s been crying? It’s just one more sign that my little boy is making his way to a man. (I know, I know, men cry…read on.)

This really struck me the other night when my son’s little bird suddenly began to poop blood. My son and I searched the web to see what could be the cause and everything we read said the bird was in BIG trouble, i.e. the bird would probably be dead within hours without help.

I looked at my son, whose eyes were beginning to fill up. “Let’s pray for him.” As we prayed over “Thunder” great big, salty drops began hitting the floor. Afterward, my sweet son went to the bathroom to wash his face, then came out to ask me if anyone could tell he had been crying. *gulp*

Later, when my husband came home, they, too, prayed over Thunder. Again, the big drops fell. I heard our son ask his daddy to carry him to bed “upside down.” He didn’t want his daddy to see his tears. *another gulp*

I’m sure it will take him many more years to figure out that crying doesn’t make him less of a man, and in some cases, will make him more of one.   He is also beginning to sense that in holding back his tears, he is joining the ranks of noble men who face life’s challenges with courage.  It’s just one of those bittersweet moments watching one of your children pick their way through the path to adulthood, and you cringe a little that the path is not always so straightforward.

And, by the way, the prayers of my righteous little man did availeth much…Thunder is just fine.


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