At least one baby tooth saved…

Hurrah!  With the wonderfully calm skill of Dr. Kyle Raymond, pediatric dentist in Austin, TX, my youngest had her front tooth cavity filled without being put to sleep.  Of course, she screamed and was a little scared but he was finished in almost no time at all.  He let me stay right with her and had me hold her hands while he worked.  She was looking into my face directly instead of his.  She was perfectly fine as soon as I sat her up.  She even held Dr. Raymond in no ill will afterwards.  I think it was his matter-of-fact nature that I particularly liked…he didn’t talk down to her or coddle me, either.  Just a reassuring “let’s get it done” attitude.

If you found my blog by searching under “tooth decay in my baby” I urge you to search for a pediatric dentist who is willing to try alternatives to sedation.  In my baby’s case, we caught it early enough and were able to drill without sedation or even local anesthetic.

For decalcification, there is also a treatment available where the dentist will paint a fluoride varnish on the tooth once a month for 6 months.  We decided in my baby’s case that the treatment would just be putting off the inevitable, but do look into that option if you start noticing little while spots on your baby’s teeth.



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2 responses to “At least one baby tooth saved…

  1. Nita

    my eldest had an absesed (spelling??) tooth and we went to a wonderful dentist here that does NOT like to give anesthesia to children (one reason we chose him) and he did a great job drilling and filling her baby tooth to save it until the adult tooth comes in! I felt so much better too!

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