Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Believe it or not, it is snowing in this little border town! My neighbor said it was twenty years ago that it had last snowed. We are actually getting more snow than some areas northwest of us.

So, for school today, we got to have a field trip to the north in our very own yard and observe, compare, and contrast:

  • sleet
  • freezing rain (and how it is different from sleet)
  • snow (we never did catch a perfect flake…they were huge conglomerates of many)
  • icicles and their development (where do they form first? last? why are they shaped that way? when will they melt?)
  • freezing temperatures and their effect on water
  • ice glazing (the leaves were beautiful!)
  • gravity (the children slid down a 3 feet slope into the canal…okay, that one was a stretch)

My favorite highlights:

  • The children picking up big leaf imprints of ice from the magnolia tree and scooping up snow and eating “chips and dip.”
  • My third calling out, “Yea! My first snow!!!”
  • My baby being scared, then still, then curious, and finally tasting and touching it.
  • The industry that the outdoors brings out in children.
  • The tinkly sound of sleet.
  • The quiet of snow.

My not-so-favorite highlights:

  • Mud, mud, and more mud.
  • Wet clothes.
  • Snow down my back…multiple times.

It is predicted to snow through the night but warm to above freezing tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be wakened early with giddy little kids itching to make a snowman again before the thaw. O Happy Day!



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2 responses to “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

  1. Jeanne

    I wish we had enough for a snowman. We didn’t even have enough for a snowball. But it was still delightful!

  2. Nita

    the past week and a half have been a winter wonderland of snow and ice here – we’ve made snowmen, snowforts, snowcastles (big enough for my youngest to climb in) slides down our driveway with a snowpile at the end to turn them away from the street, had amazing snow fights (not really snowballs little hands can’t pack them that well but they can throw wads of snow), snowball baseball (more fun for the batter due to exploding snowballs when hit), and the quiet of waking to a snow covered wonderland – it hasn’t snowed this much or stayed this long in over 15 years according to neighbors – and I finally feel like I’ve had a winter!

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