It’s January 12th, do you know where your Christmas decorations are?

Mine are still out…tree is crunchy but still up with all the ornaments on, garland in place, creches still out, kissing ball still hanging, wreath on my door, etc., etc.

Anyone else with me?


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7 responses to “It’s January 12th, do you know where your Christmas decorations are?

  1. Jeanne

    We still have half of our decorations up! We have been very busy, but I know I’m also delaying because I love Christmas time.

  2. mom24bbs

    Our tree is up but it’s not crunchy. It’s a real fake tree. 😉 Hopefully dh will take it down today. I put all the other decos away last weekend.

  3. Ours is a real fake tree as well… 😉

    We intentionally leave our lights up through Epiphany. I know, I know… But someone has to remind the world of the Season of Light and Manifestation in the darkness. We’re very careful to take all the adornments down before Ash Wednesday.

  4. Nita

    We took ours down on Wednesday (1/10) only because our eldest had a birthday party (1/12) – Our tree had been up since the day after Thanksgiving we were going out of town for Christmas and wanted to enjoy it as much as possible and then take it down before we left. As we got ready to leave we realized how sad it was to take a tree down before the actual holiday (and how sad it would be to come home to an anti-holiday house) so we left it . . . and left it . . . and left it!!!! 🙂

    Without the birthday party it would probably still be there today – now it’s in the backyard providing shelter for the birds – so we are still enjoying it!

  5. I forgot to answer: yes, we’re ‘with’ you!

    Also: for the first time in 23 years we put the tree up before the 4th Sunday of Advent; so, come Lent, it will have been up longer than ever before.

  6. david+

    Sad to report that our tree came down… BW hinted that she wanted “that space” back. 😦

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