A Great Morning

More often than not, as the sun begins to peer over the horizon to gently wake us up, my little critters begin to appear in the bedroom one by one. They fill in the empty spots on the bed and one very lucky one will get to fill in the warm and cozy spot left by DH after he gets up for work.  Such was the case this morning…all but one were snoozing away next to me on the bed while I was drinking my coffee and reading my Bible. Suddenly, my 5 y/o comes streaming into the room with a pack of notecards and armed with her prized new crayons.

“Come on, everybody! We can’t forget to make Daddy birthday cards!”

Suddenly, all were up and industrious within seconds – rare for the morning – happily sharing crayons, helping the baby make her card, and generally thrilled with the prospect of making their daddy happy. All of this was still occurring on my bed.

When I was in college, I used to think how fun it would be to have a whole litter of puppies on my bed, rolling and frolicking with each other. As I sipped my coffee and watched them, I smiled as I remembered the thought. As wonderful as that would be, this was so much better. So much better.


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3 responses to “A Great Morning

  1. Nita

    Way Way Way Way WAY Better!!!!!!!!! My middle was leaving the house this morning with dh for a basketball game and as he ran out he presented his sweet face for a kiss and then turned and hollared over his shoulder “bye mom” . . . there are moments that I pray God lets me remember as I grow old and that sound is one of them.

  2. Jen

    YOu remind me how lucky I am to be a mom of many…

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