The combination of my love of spicy food and a year-long craving for cabbage (is that odd!?) birthed this goofy-named salad. It is a combination of cilantro and cole slaw, thus “Slaw-Rantro”. I know, it falls flat. If anyone wants to come up with a snappier name, I’d be much obliged (although I doubt my family could stop calling it by its current name, we’ve grown rather fond of it). The following recipe is not exact…I’m an eye-baller, so make yours to taste.



1/4 c. (or more) olive oil

juice of 2 limes (can substitute white vinegar)

Lowry’s seasoned salt to taste

2 garlic cloves

huge handful of cilantro

1 jalapeno, top 1/4 near stem chopped off

Blend in food processor. I think it might also work in a blender, but I’ve never tried. Pour into a bowl. Note: I always blend it first without the jalapeno and pour a little off to mix up for the kids.


1 sm. head cabbage, shredded or chopped in food processor (I don’t wipe out the bowl after making the dressing, yum!)

1-2 green onions, sliced (optional)

Toss cabbage and green onions with dressing in the bowl.

My husband loves this salad and he normally won’t touch cole slaw. Two of my four children love it, too.


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5 responses to “Slaw-rantro

  1. get rid of the cilantro and you have something similar to kimchi. We make this a lot. More red pepper though.



  2. That sounds really good, Jill!

    And your comment about “2 of my 4 kids like it” made me giggle. I judge the family success of a new dish based on if a majority of the kids like it, or if one likes it pretty well + my hubby *really* likes it. 😛

  3. Nita

    Don’t you have a really tasty recipe for mango salsa? I have been trying to replicate that for years. If you can find it would you post it? My hubby would be grateful! 🙂

  4. HEY!! Completely OT, but I see you’re reading a George McDonald book of which I’d never heard! We LOVE GM around here. Can’t believe I’ve never run into that one.

  5. Nita,
    Would you believe that I have searched my recipe box 10 times and I can’t find the my mango salsa recipe!! I know that I made it in the past year so I will keep looking. Grrr…

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