Don’t ya just love the ‘net?

I just hate it when I sit down to teach a lesson and realize I need something, say a stopwatch, in order to finish the lesson and only God knows where one is in the house ( I don’t mean to take His name in vain, I literally mean this!)

So today, I thought “Aha! I bet there is one on the internet!” Sure enough! Here it is…

Online Stopwatch

It was really fun…the kids loved playing with it and they didn’t even realize they were learning ‘tenths’ in the process. I made them say the time properly each time, as in “Five and three tenths seconds.” We took turns covering up the timer and tried estimating how long 5 or 10 seconds were, using different methods, like “one and two and three and…” or “one mississippi, two mississippi….” For us, the ‘one and two method’ worked the best. My oldest even estimated 10 seconds exactly…no tenths at all. Cool.



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3 responses to “Don’t ya just love the ‘net?

  1. Nita

    I was in a panic this afternoon – I forgot to come up with a craft for our AWANA Cubbies – went straight to the “net” was able to sort through 10 different ideas – tweek it a little for our group and TA-DA – craft time is done!! Do you ever wonder what we did before? Was everyone just more organized because they had to make time to go to the library or is it just that in the back of my brain I know I have access to great ideas so I don’t think ahead . . . naaa it would take a lot more than that to get me organized and to plan ahead! Ah-well grateful for the ideas anyway!

  2. Megan

    Does anyone happen to have any ideas for awana cubbies crafts?? I am totally stuck!

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