I’m embarrassed to admit it but…

…I actually got tears in my eyes after tasting the gluten-free carrot cake at the Wildwood Cafe in Austin, Texas. Carrot cake is my absolute favorite cake in the world and, apparently, I’ve missed it.

My sister treated me Thursday to dessert at this wonderful cafe and, like a little kid in a candy shop, I stared in awe of all of the gluten-free little goodies, pastries, and breads on display before me. I think it took me about 7 minutes to decide, and then, greedily, I chose the carrot cake and a beautiful heart shaped sugar cookie dusted with pink sugar. Mmmm…

These delicacies did not come cheap. The cake, a very miniature bundt (“bundt, bundt”- is anyone else thinking My Big Fat Greek Wedding?), was pricey at $3.75, and the modest-sized cookie was $1.75, but to be fair, gluten-free ingredients are expensive in the first place. As far as I am concerned anyone who can make a rice flour carrot cake taste like a real wheat flour cake can charge whatever they want!

You never really realize your emotional connection to food until suddenly 1/3 of everything you had ever eaten suddenly becomes off-limits. I felt pretty lame about the true grief I experienced when it hit me that I would never enjoy dipping really good bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar again, or that I would have to turn down most anything with a sauce, or pass on, gulp, the enchiladas. But, considering that we are what we eat, in more ways than one (ponder that thought next time you’re at the communion rail, and before you misinterpret what I’m saying, think sanctification, see For the Life of the World for more), it stands to reason that food evokes extremes of emotion.

So, when I tasted my former choice of birthday cake, and it was really, really good, not just a pleasant imitation like many GF goodies, I guess I got a little emotional.


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3 responses to “I’m embarrassed to admit it but…

  1. Ahhh my husband would totally understand! Luckily his DH isn’t too horrid, so he can cheat a little here and there. I’d so much rather have good GF food around us though.

  2. mom24bbs

    I totally relate. Any time I find something that tastes “real” I am just so happy I could cry.

  3. Thats how i felt when i had a piece of gluten free carrot cake it is one of my favorites but it’s hard to find sometimes one of my favorite cakes mixes that are gluten free is the yellow cake or cookie mix by kinnkinn it’s so good i was dianosed when i was 12 yrs old but had it since i was about in 1 st grade im in eight now but the years have been rough and now that i’ve been dianosed with celic it raley hurts . when where you dianosed with celic. I live in stoutland mo and it’s hard to find stuff thats gluten free and im a twin so my sister has it to but hasnt shown alot of signs of it until a few months ago so its kind of our life to find a gluten free resturantand it’s amazing thats there s one in texas ill have to go one day when im older i live in the middle of now where so it’s hard to find the right foods that i can eta but i can go to the lake of the oarsks and hy-vee has some gluten free suff and in lebabon which is alot closer there is a little shop called natures patuey and if i bring them like a old cake mix box that i like i can get it there and she will order it for me but it’s hard like you cant eat these surtin things and when you go over to someones house i have to bring my own food just to eat there well c ya later bye

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