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Q&A Thursday: A Christmas Memory

I was wondering tonight, as I was singing my girls to sleep with Christmas songs, if I have been making good Christmas memories for my children. This year has been a little “off.” Two weeks of sickness tumbling about the house has translated into neglected Advent traditions. Our forlorn advent wreath still has the third candle unburned and our wonderful new Jesse Tree is missing about a 1/3 of its symbols. Alas. There is always next year…

Back to my singing… It triggered a memory of a favorite Christmas Eve of mine as a little girl. I don’t know how old I was, probably 6 or so, but I remember sitting with my family around our artificial tree bedecked with colored lights and gold tinsel. I was wearing a red, polyester nightgown trimmed with itchy lace, with elbows reduced to see-through mesh ovals. We were singing Christmas carols. My dad, as usual, was terribly off-key, but continued on steadily. Afterwards, he read the nativity passage from Luke while Mom passed out eggnog. I always loved this part, because she served it in tiny ruby colored glasses. These glasses only came out on Christmas Eve. I loved the way I would sip the eggnog and the nutmeg would stay on my upper lip. I would then lick the little spongy pieces off my lip and chew them while Dad read the story.   Afterwards, Mom and Day tried to shoo us to bed, but we were so excited that they let us stay around the tree a few more minutes.  My sister and I made up this hyper little song and dance, that continued well into our teenaged Christmases.  I can hear us now…”Un-dee-li-lee, Un-dee-li-lie, Un-dee-li-lee…”  It always cracked us up.

When I remember that Christmas Eve, I breath a little sigh of relief.  The ingredients of a wonderful Christmas memory are fairly simple…family, love, carols, Jesus, a little eggnog, and a dose of silliness.  I think the only ingredient we’re missing is eggnog, and I can buy that tomorrow.  I wonder if Silknog will count.

What about you?  What is your favorite Christmas memory?


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