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I’m not cryin’ over spilled milk, but…

…for those moms who are coveting those deep kitchen storage drawers that are just perfect for pots and pans, you might think again:

Suppose your 7 y/o son, being very self-sufficient, pours himself a big glass of milk on the counter above your drawers.  Now suppose that one of the drawers just happens to be left slightly open.  Your son spills the glass of milk and the milk spills into the open drawer.  Your son, again, being very self-sufficient, cleans up the milk, but neglects the inside of the drawer.  Hours later, you start to cook dinner, reach inside your super handy drawer for a pot and… YUCK!

Now suppose, just a week or two later, your son eagerly pours himself a big glass of eggnog in the same spot…

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