The Greatest Christmas Gadget Ever

Last year after Christmas, my mother, knowing her absent-minded daughter a little too well, bought me the greatest Christmas gadget ever invented. It is a sensor that you stick in your Christmas tree stand. When the water level falls too low, a special snowman ornament (attached by a wire to the sensor) blinks with strobe-like majesty.

No more crispy trees!

The sensor is called the Water Me Now Christmas Tree Water Monitor. The number on the package is 1-800-645-3867.

UPDATE:  Ok, so maybe it’s NOT the greatest Christmas gadget ever.  Three days after we set it up, the ornament won’t stop blinking, even though it’s sitting in a FULL stand of water.



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3 responses to “The Greatest Christmas Gadget Ever

  1. oh dear.. how funny.



  2. Charlie D.

    I too purchased the water me now alert sensor and had the same results. I bought mine from Home Depot and they have happily taken back two of them so far.My third attempt which is hanging in my tree is now blinking it’s happy little snowman ass off even though the stand is full of water. I’ve tried calling the number in the directions and just keep getting hung up on.I believe the greatest christmas gadget ever is a piece of crap. It would be GREAT if it only worked

  3. Oh, to have a little humor in my life today! I needed the laugh right now…

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