All my chickies…

…are back at home in the nest.  It feels good.  My mom and dad schooled my oldest daughter for a week and a half before Thanksgiving, only to take my 4 y/o back with them after Thanksgiving for another week and a half. I know they had a great time.  There is nothing like making gingerbread cookies with Grandma and eating ice cream with Grandpa (every day at 3 o’clock, thank you very much).

I think my son enjoyed the shifted balance of feminine power in the house, although we girls still tipped the scale. Poor little guy.  He’ll make a great husband someday, although he doesn’t know that yet.

But I’m glad we’re all together again.  I won’t feel like I left someone behind at WalMart anymore.  Yet it’s more than that.

When I’m out with all four, I get the “You sure got your hands full” comment all of the time.  If it has been a particularly trying day, I’d almost have to agree.   But when my hands were a little less full for three weeks, my heart was too.


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  1. Jen

    a loud AMEN sister!!! That’s exactly how I feel too! You couldn’t have said it in a more beautiful way…

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