More kitchen makeover pics

Yes! Thanks, Carole, for the photographs. Here are two more views of my kitchen.
kitchen-view1.jpgThis is looking through to the dining room.

And this is looking through the dining room arch into the breakfast nook. There used to be window looking into the backyard before previous owners added a bedroom in the 70s. Before our renovation, the window frame had glass shelves and a fluorescent light that I hated. We made it into a false window by adding a mirror and framing it like the rest of our windows. I was worried that the mirror might look a little swanky, but I think that it turned out pretty good.



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9 responses to “More kitchen makeover pics

  1. Nita

    Is this for real? (pinch me) After the Charleston kitchen and then on to an Altus kitchen I am stunned speechless by the beauty! The refrigerator is lovely! It couldn’t have happened to a better person!! ENJOY!

  2. Just lovely. The tile is awesome and so is your arch doorway. We need a kitchen floor so bad!

  3. Jeanne

    Well, I’m so glad I FINALLY got to see picutes. BUT did they have to come two days before I get to see it in person! It looks great!

  4. At least this way you got to see it clean!! It may be the only time. 😉

  5. Jen

    Has the earth stopped spinning??? Is that a MICROWAVE I see in your kitchen? What about cancer? You don’t do something crazy like make instant mac and cheese in it, do you?????? Next thing we know your children will be eating chocolate chip instead of carob chip cookies! Gasp! All in good fun……

  6. Only gluten-free, organic rice flour, extra dark chocolate (full of antioxidants) chip cookies made with free-range eggs, thank you very much! Delicious with soymilk!!

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  8. Placing that mirror in the window frame along with making it into a false window by framing it like the rest of your windows is ingenious! I’ve been trying to come up with a way to place a mirror in my breakfast nook to make it look more spacious but I didn’t want the mirror to look awkward.


  9. There’s nothing nicer than decorating your home so that you can enjoy it later. It’s well worth all the research and effort.

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