Fall Blessings

We live in the middle of an old pecan orchard. This is pretty remarkable considering the rest of the region looks like a desert. Years ago, the orchard owners eventually turned my whole part of town into streets and residences. This happened very slowly, so the beauty (some people don’t see it this way) is that I live in a very integrated neighborhood. The homes range from shacks to mansions. I like it this way.

My husband and I managed to get into one of the “historic homes” along a beautiful palm lined avenue. This, as you might imagine, only happened because the grandchildren who co-owned the home didn’t want to pay for the tile roof that needed replacing, or the necessary updates to the kitchen and bathrooms. Not that we wanted to replace those either, but, when old houses are concerned “love is blind.” Actually, the roof turned out to be much worse than advertised, but *sigh,* such is home ownership.

All of that is to say that I can easily start to feel ungrateful for the beautiful home I have been blessed with. I wish for a thousand things that I could do for the home…replace the roof, pop out the drafty windows, refinish the floors, etc. I was thinking about this the other day when I could feel hundreds of dollars worth of air conditioning (yes, the a/c in November!) rushing out of the casement windows in the sunroom. The window seals are defunct, so I can hear everything outside as if I were out there . So, as I was thinking about this, I suddenly heard the rustle of leaves and feet out on the driveway. There, wrinkled, old, and dressed in a housecoat, stooped an old woman picking up fallen pecans on my driveway. Her bag was full and heavy, yet she patiently collected her pecans, expertly sweeping the little collections of leaves and grabbing up a handful. I don’t think she completely stood up the whole time she was in my yard. After she collected what she needed, she slowly moved on down the road. Since then, I have noticed several people who come and pick pecans from the edges of our property.

Are you getting the same image I am? Ruth gleaning from the edges of the field…

I have been blessed with a beautiful and abundantly rich home. Yes, I say rich, in so many ways. I also have more pecans than I know what to do with. Now, when my children want to go outside and pick pecans, I tell them to leave the edges alone. Pick from the middle. Leave some pecans behind.



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3 responses to “Fall Blessings

  1. Wow. What an absolutely beautiful story.

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  3. Jeanne

    “Now, when my children want to go outside and pick pecans, I tell them to leave the edges alone. Pick from the middle. Leave some pecans behind.” – Beautiful!

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