Question and Answer Thursday: The Quick Tidy-Up

So many times, people don’t want your advice. If you’re like me, you also tend to freely give it. Now is your chance. Every Thursday, I will be begging for you to give me your advice. I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have quite a bit of housework to do. Many family members are coming, and some are staying here. If you haven’t caught on to this already, I am chronically messy. I can clean, but it seems only one room at a time. While I am cleaning one, the rest of the rooms fall apart. So, today’s question is this:

What is your best and quickest way to tidy up the whole house, so every room looks basically decent all at the same time? All answers must assume a toddler on the hip.

I wish I had something nifty to offer you for giving me your thoughts, like Mary over at Owlhaven offers for her “Opinion Saturday.” But I don’t. Maybe next time!


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11 responses to “Question and Answer Thursday: The Quick Tidy-Up

  1. Nita

    I know it’s friday and I am just now writting in to the thursday question and answer (maybe I shouldn’t be writting in :)! However, as another organizationally challenged homeschooling mother, I feel I can throw a few ideas out there (if not exactly follow them!) So I have really found the laundry basket dash to be helpful – I start in the main room (usually the living room) and with three laundry baskets at the doorway I work in a clockwise manner and throw items into the basket (one for taking upstairs, one for throw-out, and one for “other” room). Then I move to the next room same thing – put away whatever is in the other room basket that belongs there, throw-out items and upstairs basket. I continue quickly dashing, stashing and throwing – I can usually zip through the house in a couple of hours. If I do that on day one – on day two I can usually just dash a few items that have been taken out by the gang and do the cleaning (scrub baths, floor, and wipe finger prints). I have also found that if I invite people over once a week I seem to keep up with the stashing and dashing LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried that this month and it has really cut down the time it takes to go through the house (Of course, tomorrow I have two bins of “stuff” to sort that I stashed last week – they will probably take me all day!!) ha ha ha! Good luck with the holiday!

  2. Jen

    A few weeks ago I was HORRIFIED when a friend invited me into her BEDROOM to get some paperwork for church (my visit was unplanned…I offered to wait in my car!). Her room was absolutely spotless and she homeschools her three kids. When I asked her best tip, she said each morning as soon as her feet hit the floor she fixes the bed. She has taught her kids the same thing, and it really gets them going. Just a small idea, but it’s so nice to walk into a room and see a made up bed.

  3. She obviously doesn’t have one or two little sleepers who found their way in during the night! Between the baby and three other kids, someone is always tucked somewhere in the bed when I get up. I think she was just born neat, so it wouldn’t matter if she made the bed right away or not. Must be nice! šŸ™‚

    For the record…I do make my bed everyday, unless something exceptional happens, but my bedroom is still never “company ready.” *sigh*

  4. Terri Ransom

    Hi Jill,
    Nice blog. Have you looked at They have a full system with email reminders. She also wrote a book called “sink Reflections” with the basic plan. Denise Schoefield also wrote several books that are extremely helpful. Look her up online and check out her stuff. I have many web links that deal with homemaking, cleaning and organization. Let me know if you are interested in having me email them to you. Our best wishes and greetings to you and your family.

  5. I would love to have the links, Terri. I’ll admit I tried Flylady but I got sick of all those emails!! And, I failed completely with task one – keep a shiny sink. Now that my new sink is so *pretty* maybe I should try again…Maybe you can post those links here.

  6. jeanette

    im a mother of 6 kids, living in a 3 bed youngest was premature so never had the nesting instinct to give me a house cleaning boost that i needed. with so many people in such a small house, there’s stuff everywhere. My kids arent the cleanest of people, they think under the bed is the bin and the corners of the room are storage places.
    Trying to decorate now inbetween seeing to the baby, and also in one mad rush to tidy the house which seems impossible. My sister is coming to stay for the night and at the mo i feel like pretending im going away. (she wouldnt fall for it though).
    I just feel like hiring a hugs skip and everything that is lying around…throwing it all in.

  7. BMW

    Cool site! Helpful topic! šŸ™‚

  8. Kelly

    Start off with upstairs, the smallest room is best,(bathroom) clean and tidy, giving yourself 10mins, then move on2 next room, taking a bin bag anything lying on floor put in2 bag. It is vital only 2 hoover last of all. get the kids 2 help as if its a game. in no time at all you will have the house spotless. then take 20mins everyday to run around and re tidy, everything then will always be as you want it

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