The Orphan’s Voice

Wow, what a Saturday. We arrived a few minutes late into Dennis Rainey’s talk Saturday morning after rushing into town, dropping the children off at my parents, and stunning them (my parents) in the process as we yelled out the door that we were going to an adoption conference. I think we were as surprised as they were. My DH and I had not been talking about adoption much to each other, just separately and privately to God. John heard about the conference on Friday and we made the decision to go at 8:30 p.m. that night. Just 12 hours later, we were finding a seat among the rapt audience. As Dennis Rainey talked, though, I realized that what had just been a dormant seed in my heart for years was being watered by the truth of Scripture.

God’s heart for the orphan is found all over the Bible. The very heart of the gospel is pictured in adoption. This became clear over and over throughout the day. As my husband put it, adoption as “pure and undefiled religion” is almost an understatement.

Before you stop reading and think, “Ah, how nice for them! I’m glad people are interested in adoption,” please consider the main question posed by the FamilyLife staff. Very simply put, “Are you available if God wants to use you?” God doesn’t call all Christians to adopt, but He does call all of us to care for the orphan. Furthermore, making yourself available doesn’t guarantee that he will ask you to adopt. We need the Body of Christ to pray for orphans, support foster care families, give financially to those seeking to adopt, and support birth mothers locally who have to make the decision between abortion and adoption.

Probably one of the greatest gems of the day was uncovering the great and beautiful truth behind the notoriously high “cost” of adoption. What it really is is a “ransom,” not a price.

Just like the Savior who paid a ransom for us.

This month Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, and Shoahannah’s Hope have joined forces to awaken the church’s need to address the 143 plus million orphans around the world. Check them out at



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6 responses to “The Orphan’s Voice

  1. From a former foster child and current child advocate,

    Thank you for remembering that one of the names for God is the “Father of the fatherless.”


  2. We are completing our first year of foster parenting. I have never grown more in my relationship with the Lord…well…and in EVERY area of my life like I have being a foster parent. We find out on the 8th of February if we get to adopt this sweet child we have had living in our house since last February! What a journey this has been…but one I’d take over and over again to see the difference just being available to the Lord and for this child has made in the life of this little boy.

  3. reunionwritings

    As long as they really are orphans and not in those places because their families are too poor to take care of them. I think God wants us to help the families stay together, that makes more sense to me.

  4. I agree! It breaks my heart that parents feel so desperate as to relinquish their child. We should always be doing everything we can to help the poor. The sad reality is that the poor will always be with us and some will be driven to desperate solutions, thus so many children in “orphanages.” They have been orphaned by poverty, not death.

  5. reunionwritings

    I don’t understand why they are called orphanages, they have families and only a few of the are genuine orphans.
    You can’t be orphaned by poverty, they are not orphans. There are charities that work towards helping families reunite, I will find some links for you if you like.

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