Saturday and Sunday

My DH just called me to ask me to pack up the family for an impromptu trip to a conference on adoption and we are leaving at dark thirty tomorrow morning! It is now 8:56 p.m. so as you might imagine, I have quite a bit to do! More on the adoption conference:

Pray for us!

I’ll be posting again on Monday.


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One response to “Saturday and Sunday

  1. Hey, the link doesn’t work.

    My mom & stepdad just returned from a national planning meeting for Family Life. It was in Little Rock.

    Very cool that you’re considering adoption!! My hubby and I have had our hearts stirred that way since before we were married. It’s funny, the way God works, though. I remember the “lady of the house” of the family with whom he lived saying, over dinner, “I can’t imagine taking someone else’s kid and loving it as your own!!” But, several years (and much painful & expensive fertility treatments) later, she and her husband adopted two little girls who are *very* much their own girls… And, my hubby and I, who sparked the conversation, have not adopted. Yet. 😉 We have 4 bio kids, and I would like to try for one more… After that, who knows? It seems to me like five would be enough, but then, after I had ONE child, I thought, “That’s enough.” I obviously changed my mind.

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