Question and Answer Thursday: Uninvited Occupants

Ever since we bought our 1930’s home, we’ve had difficulty getting the past occupants to move out. They are very stubborn and, worse, they act as if they don’t hear us or care that we want them out!

I am beginning to understand a little more about them. They are sentimental (they only like to live in one part of the house), they have a large family, and they very likely have been living here for generations. I bet that they even knew the first home owners.

I might have made them a little upset the other night when we ate some for dinner. You see, I was making soup, and I decided to throw in the remains of some arborio rice from the pantry. I was a little shocked to see 4 or 5 deceased members floating on top of my bubbling soup. I scooped out as many critters as I could before they sunk to the bottom, but my husband swears he later saw one in his bowl. This, of course, only delighted him because, well, he is weird that way. (He also eats shrimp tails, fish fins, and once ate raw shrimp eyes just to flirt with me.)

We have tried to get rid of the little pests. They have proved to be quite persistent. We even completely moved out of the kitchen while it was being renovated. I thoroughly cleaned every shelf, crack and corner in the pantry. I threw out any suspicious grains, nuts, and pasta and froze the rest. When we moved back into the kitchen, I thought Aha! They’re gone! A week later, I saw one. Then two more… Fast forward to the soup, and, well, you get the picture.

My question to you is this: How do you get rid of pantry moths (admit it, how many of you were thinking roaches!!)? I would love to hear your suggestions!!


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4 responses to “Question and Answer Thursday: Uninvited Occupants

  1. Jeanne

    That is funny! Sorry, I don’t have any idea how to get rid of them. I thought you were talking about mice until you got to the part about rice. Good luck.

  2. Nita

    We had them in Oklahoma and I finally gave in and bought the tupperware storage set (it was pretty pricey) but I put everything that wasn’t grocery store sealed (and everytime we opened something new) into one of those containers. I did the same scrubbing of the shelves and that was it. We never had them again! Seriously!

  3. I’m jealous. Well, I will go out and buy MORE containers…I already use tons. I think that what I really need is a lock on my pantry. Not for the moths, but for the kids. Cereal scattered on the floor is NOT helping!

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