Hope for Unborn Babies, Marriage, and the Like

Upon seeing the election results this morning, I was tempted to run out the door screaming, “God have mercy on us all!” Being that I was in my jammies and I hadn’t had my cup of coffee yet, I refrained.

The neighbors won’t fear having to run inside and lock their doors (this time). My sister-in-law just told me things are not so bleak as they might appear. Many socially liberal Republicans lost and, the happy reverse, many socially conservative Democrats won. I am much calmer now but I still think that I will quietly repeat “God have mercy on us all” anyway. I have a feeling I should have been doing this all along.



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2 responses to “Hope for Unborn Babies, Marriage, and the Like

  1. Jeanne

    I’m very sad that Rick Santorum didn’t win. He is my favorite politician. Plus he has 6 children and they homeschool. Several talking heads on election night were saying that he may run for president!

  2. Maybe, then, this is divine Providence that he didn’t win…more time to prepare for election!

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