The “Tween” Shoe Trap

I sometimes wonder if I am harder on my girls than I am on my lone boy. I am almost sure that I am. I suppose that I think what kind of women they grow up to be will be more of a reflection on me, rather than my husband and me as a team. Not to mention that I am probably taking far more credit/blame for who they are and will be than I should. With that being said…

Yesterday, I took my nine y/o out to buy cool (notice, not cold) weather dress shoes for her women’s size 8 feet. Never mind that last year she was wearing a girls’ size 4 . The problem is that when you are nine, standing before rows upon rows of women’s shoes, your perspective gets a little skewed. Suddenly your mother is VERY uncool when she suggests a modest 1 1/2 inch heel over the rows of 5 inch ones. Let me say that there are very, very few low heeled, appropriate women’s shoes that appeal to a nine year old girl. Nor should I expect them to. Manufacturers are appealing to women who buy, not girls. Even I had to admit that the only ones available were far more suited for my grandmother than my soon to be “tween”. Anyway, what’s a mom to do? I will not let her walk around in shoes that suddenly make her look like either a) she has snuck shoes from my closet (HA! like that would happen; I live in comfy, mom-like Bjorns) or, worse still, b) she is undergoing training from an escort service. After leaving the store shoe-less, I knew that I would have to resort to another avenue.

Cobbling can’t be that hard, so I consulted my Compton’s encyclopedias…no, no, just kidding. Instead, I knew that I would have to empty my pockets into the accounts of Hanna Andersson and others who sell identical shoes for girls and women. Purveyors of that type of shoe are rare, so the price is rarer still, but in this case it will be worth the cost.

My daughter may think I am being way too uncool, but I hope that when she takes her 9 or 10 y/o daughter shoe shopping and has to separate out the stillettos and spike heels just to find shoes to wear to church, she will remember yesterday, and realize that I wasn’t so uncool after all.  In fact, I seem to recall my mother having the same problem with me, too.  I better go call her now.



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8 responses to “The “Tween” Shoe Trap

  1. Jen

    I feel the same way about Beth being a direct reflection on ME instead of both of us!! Maybe we are too hard on ourselves as well! I am trying so hard to teach her to be a lady…not a small accomplishment with three brothers who teach her to make noises with her armpit. She thinks that is far more interesting!

  2. Better late than never…tween footwear is a very un explored area and I have to agree the tween of today [8-14 yrs old] have bigger feet and bigger personalities.

    I sale and develope a tween girl footwear brand called Stompa. We are based in Melbourne and are selling this product throughout Australia and New Zealand. The size range is UK 13-6, this will cover a ladies US 8.

    Our styling is fashion forward, not girly and not too mature, we are developing product to suit the fashion savy tween girl.

    We are about to update ur website with new areas and our summer 08 product., keep an eye out for us.

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