Reviving the Body of Christ: Reflections of a Faith Alive weekend

(Please ignore the bullets. For some crazy reason the template won’t allow for “poetic” spaces and pararaphs.)

  • We walked through the double oak doors
  • streaming in like moths
  • to a candle at twilight.
  • Some tired
  • some hopeful
  • some scared
  • some joyful
  • all drawn by the same One.
  • There’s Joyce, eyes like owls,
  • wondering and waiting
  • and Denise, singing and
  • shouting for joy, like Miriam at the feast…
  • and Mike, finding an unexpected friend
  • to make him feel at home.
  • Like children gathered around a favorite uncle
  • we listened to stories,
  • living testimonies,
  • and we laughed and we cried
  • and we gave thanks
  • and our color returned.
  • Some with no pulses were carried in,
  • but found new life.
  • Some had lost courage
  • but were fitted with armor
  • Some scratched their heads
  • but still they stayed…
  • He stitched us together
  • like mixed fibers in a sampler,
  • some rough, some silky, some bright,
  • others muted, a few brittle,
  • and many strong.
  • Together we proclaimed His message.
  • His banner raised over us
  • as we passed again
  • through the old, oak doors and
  • followed our crooked paths to home.
  • But we’ll remember.
  • When twilight returns,
  • and night begins to squeeze out the day
  • we’ll remember and
  • we’ll meet again at the Light.

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    1. Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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