Life Inside the Pinball Machine

My last 10 minutes:

Walk to girls’ room to get a diaper…hear glass crash on kitchen floor, stick baby in high chair, clean up glass…while in kitchen, see unpacked groceries still on counter…put 2 bags away…hear my son walking around, so check to see if he has finished his math…on the way, hear baby fuss, turn around to get her down out of her high chair…oh, yeah, the diaper…going to girls’ room but see my oldest girl, looking flushed again, so I feel her forehead (fever still!) and make her lie down, now hear the t.v. on, so go and stop the ‘illegal’ video, sit 4 and 7 y/olds back down to work, see my posting page open, wonder what on earth I was going to write about 10 minutes ago before I stopped to change a diaper, which, is still in my girls’ room.



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2 responses to “Life Inside the Pinball Machine

  1. Guess that answers the question I left you this morning on the phone!
    These things shall pass!

  2. Jen

    ha!Ha! Isn’t that the truth? I always wonder if the screaming of toddlers is better or worse than the silence of teenagers. Right now I vote for silence.

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