Happy All Saints Day

Take some time today to read about and thank God for that “great cloud of witnesses” and the “friends of God” we are surrounded by; the martyrs, the missionaries, the writers, the children, the moms and dads, the little granny next door who are all fellow lovers and livers of Jesus Christ.

Some of my favorites to read from and about are the martyrs under Diocletion, Polycarp, Mary of Egypt, Augustine, Teresa of Avila, Martin Luther, Julian of Norwich, Therese, C.S. Lewis, Amy Carmicheal, Mother Theresa, current martyrs around the world (visit http://www.persecution.com), and John Piper.  Happy reading!


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One response to “Happy All Saints Day

  1. We missed you and yours in the cloud (of witnesses) last night. However, if we can (and we do) believe that we are present with the Host of Heaven and all those who have gone before, as well as all those who (rightly) believe who are around the world, then a few short blocks didn’t hamper your being included!

    Hoping and praying the kids are better…


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