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A Rant and a Recipe

Today my son succumbed (not in the mortal way) to the fever. He laid around wrapped in a blanket, going in and out of a feverish sleep. When his back started to hurt and he was acting like he was dying, I had mercy and dosed him up with some Motrin. You see, it takes a lot for me to give medication to my kids. I am leery of any kind of drugs…it’s the ‘for every action there is a reaction’ thing I don’t like. Would you believe that in 30 minutes the little turkey my son popped out of bed like nothing happened, grabbed a muffin, said, “I’m hungry!” then proceeded to beat his jumping record on that spinny- jumpy-ankle toy (what is that thing called!!?)

Now, some parents might think that is great, but my mommy-monitor went off…something is wrong about that! If he had not taken Motrin, wouldn’t he have been doing exactly what his body needed? Resting, forced to lie in bed, fasting…things diametrically opposed to an active 7 y/o boy? Fever is a gift, a natural healing process bestowed by our Creator. When we can, we should probably obey it … go to bed and assist the healing, not taunt it!

Now, when this fever makes its way to me, remind me of what I just said. (Of course, as the mommy, I won’t get to be sick anyway, so you better just let me take the Motrin…I’ll be much nicer.)

Now the recipe:

KIDS-IN-BED HOT CHOCOLATE* (for dark chocolate lovers )
Version #1:

Follow the recipe on the can of Hershey’s cocoa but reduce the sugar and increase the cocoa. Do NOT add milk, use hot water and then mix in a splash of heavy whipping cream.

Version #2:

Use 2 Tbsp. of Giradelli sweetened ground chocolate, add a dash of salt and vanilla extract. Mix with hot water and a splash of heavy whipping cream.

*Made up out of desperation when the kids found my secret stash of bittersweet chocolate!

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