Fall Fever Confession

Fall Fever Confession

I am about to make the kind of confession that anti-homeschoolers just love. After breakfast yesterday, my kids promptly ran into the backyard and played there all day, save for a short break for some noontime nourishment. And I let them. Who could blame me?

It was a beautiful, nippy, yes, even chilly day. The sky was clear blue and a breeze played through the pecan trees. The three oldest were absolutely industrious in their play…they swept dirt, wove mats out of long grass, cut firewood with a small hatchet (does that freak anyone out?), made three rock campfire rings, a potty (yes, an outdoor toilet, although I don’t think it was actually used), a stick chair, and a bed made from two pecan limbs, yarn, and a towel. We have been studying about primitive people from The Story of the World. I think I will count it towards a history lesson.

When DH came home from work, he happily lit one of the fires and we roasted marshmallows. I can guarantee that the kids will remember the day much more than what I had planned. Besides, today it was already back up to 80, so we have to enjoy fall when we can.

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  1. Sounds like a *perfect* day of school to me!! Absolutely count it as a history/science/nature/problem-solving/cooperation day!! 😀

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