Daily Archives: October 10, 2006

My Life and Times

What are the life and times of the BorderMama? Not so exciting, by reality t.v. standards, although I am a world traveller (we park our car and walk across the border to eat Mexican food). I do not have the body of Jessica Simpson, nor the wealth of Paris Hilton but I would suspect that if they could experience just one minute of my life, they would never see theirs the same way again. Sure, they might get a better night’s sleep than I do, and I bet they don’t pick up the tiny scraps of toilet paper that litter the bathroom floor fifty times a day (does that happen to anyone else?) But do they really experience the priceless joys of life? Unconditional love? The joy of discovery? The pain and satisfaction of growth? I imagine the farmer knows far more about my life than the average woman sacrificing a family for a lucrative career or fame. That explains why the farmer will fight for years for his farm, amidst drought, floods, and other disasters, and also why he can close his eyes at night and sleep without painkillers and tranquilizers. My life is terribly difficult at times and the monotony of facing a sink of dishes 3 times a day can nearly drive me crazy, but when I think of the children I am helping to grow and the husband I am growing old with, I can’t help but feel like a queen, even if it is the oops-I-forgot-to-put-on-my-makeup-again kind of queen. But I have a feeling that that is just the sort of queen I’d like to meet.


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